Our Industries

- Aerospace & Defense - Energy
- Business Services - Healthcare
- Chemicals - Manufacturing
- Consumer Products - Technology

Our Approach

Our approach is to help companies build multiple platforms for growth.

We believe that the world is messy. Chaotic. Unpredictable. The best laid plans almost always go wrong. Risk factors for companies both large and small are high. Small deviations from plan can set off major changes in timing and success. As such, we believe in multiple platforms for growth. Parallel paths. This approach provides our companies with more growth opportunities, more choices and more chances to succeed. We work together with management to plant many different seeds for growth within the category.

Companies of all shapes and sizes carry risks. We improve the odds. Strategic partnerships. Joint ventures. Buy-side mergers & acquisitions. Cross-sale opportunities. Channel partnerships. We provide a wide range of additional options and opportunities. Companies who limit their options are betting on a single lottery ticket.

Our network of investors want growth. They want to invest. They want our companies to succeed. In a world that is messy, chaotic, and unpredictable we work together with management to plant many different seeds for growth. We have deep expertise in the industries listed above and in building strategic platforms for growth.

For more information: louis.albert@reigninvestment.com